Types of Paints for Interior Walls

Types of Paints for Interior Walls

Types of Paints for Interior Walls

“Types of Paints for Interior Walls” by Emirates Paints.

Interior paints are a great way to add character and personality to a room. You’ll be able to transform spaces with just a few coats of paint on interior walls and easily reposition these accents as your home grows. Interior paints provide a professional look, ease of maintenance, and lasting power.

Emulsion paint

Emulsion paint is a water-based mixture that features excellent gloss and flexibility. It provides a wide range of color choices that can be mixed to create desired shades. Emulsion paint dries quickly and remains flexible even when exposed to high temperatures, making it ideal for interior walls where wallpaper needs to be kept in place during renovations or when the home needs to keep its original aesthetic appeal. Emulsion paint is highly durable and long-lasting, yet washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

This paint’s water-based construction and smooth, even finish make it a great option for interior walls. Emulsion paint comes in a variety of colors, so you can match the look of your space. It has excellent resistance to brittleness and cracking, making it durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions such as moisture and humidity.. The paint also incorporates quality pigments that offer good color transmission.

Enamel paint

Enamel paint is a popular choice for all types of paintings, especially for home decor and walls. It has a glossy finish that makes the wall look elegant and enhances any design you decide to paint. The paint comes in both a satin and a gloss finish, which has the added benefit of being non-toxic. This finish cannot be cleaned with water alone, and solvents are required to remove excess from brushes.

For places with a lot of moisture and humidity, enamel paint works best. It is less flexible than emulsion paint and may develop cracks over time.

Distemper paint

Distemper paint is a white formula that can cure into a hard finish. It coats surfaces without requiring any priming and has the distinct advantage of working on wet and dry substrates. These paints do not crack in the presence of sunlight. Like all paints, it requires some preparation by sanding the surface before applying it.

Metallic Paint 

Metals are a popular choice for creating decorative elements in a space. Metallic paints are ideal for creating a beautiful look on an interior wall or for trimming. These water-based paints come in a huge variety of metallic finishes that can be used to make one-of-a-kind designs. Metals add the perfect “finish” to your current design scheme without the hassles or maintenance associated with wallpaper and wallpapering.

Use metallic paints to create a deep shine on any part of your artwork. The particles of metallic silver suspended in an acid solution create a deep metallic effect that creates a traditional paint finish on a smaller scale.

Textured paint

Textured paint is a great way to add character to your home’s space. It can impart a rustic look to the accent wall or create the effect of marble, stucco, or other surfaces on your wall at an affordable price. Textured is for you if you want realistic coverage in a single coat!

Textured paints are thicker than regular paint and require priming. They vary in price per liter, making them slightly more expensive than standard-grade paint. Water-based textured paint has a thicker viscosity that produces a smoother surface and is useful for uneven surfaces, such as bumpy walls.

It might be difficult to decide which paint to use for your interior, but with a little bit of research and testing, you can find the color and finish that will help you create the look you want. Also, you can see how different colors and shades will look in your room before you start painting using the visualizer on the Emirates Paints website

Types of Paints for Interior Walls

Types of Paints for Interior Walls



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